Benefits of Working with a Realtor

  • Realtor is experienced in the home buying/selling process daily
  • The Realtor is a problem solver by offering solutions
  • Realtor is licensed and educated in Real Estate and can effectively explain contracts, addendums, HUD1 closing statements, closing costs/pre-paids and escrows 
  • A Realtor will ensure everything is in writing verbal communication on contracts is not valid, your Realtor also has a direct line to Real Estate Attorney' for sound legal advice.
  • A Realtors job is to protect your best interest and represent you that is how we get paid.
  • A Realtor can shoulder a lot of the frustrations and allow for a smooth and effective transaction
  • Your Realtor will offer sound solid advice on accepting or rejecting contingencies based on CMA analysis available
  • The Realtor will explain and offer options throughout the process
  • The Realtor today is experienced in short sales and has a good understanding of both sides buying or selling
  • Most Realtors are well connected with other vendors associated in your transaction offering you several options to chose from referencing, closing attorneys, home inspectors, repair person, financial institutions, appraisers, termite inspectors
  • Most Realtors have a full time dedicated Sales/Marketing Team
  • In-house Real Estate Sales & Relocation Services are common today
  • Realtors experience allows them to be Proactive/Not Reactive
  • Realtors are now fully integrated in the usage of Internet and Social Media and are becoming fully mobile with today's technology they have to be to meet the needs of Generation Xr's
  • Most Realtors specialize in communicating, marketing and negotiating
  • Today's Real Estate Agent offers consultative, conceptual and creative selling ideas
  • Realtors have become Marketing Agents not just Listing Agents
  • If you are a buyer the seller pays Realtor's commission, no out of pocket expense for buyer using this value added resource
  • Follow Thru, Follow Thru, Follow Thru that is the only way a Realtor get's paid
  • Partnering with the Homeowner or Buyer from Start to Finish

You'll Profit from Our Experience which Means to You...Saving You Time and Money

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